Yay!! More Reasons For WAR!!! :-( #imagine #lovenotwar

I just got my notification from NYT about Iran, and my reaction is OH GREAT.

To me it feels like we are um…about as hypocritical as possible when it comes to getting upset about other countries developing tools like the ones that WE ALREADY HAVE.

What gives us the right to say, well, we have this but you don’t, see since you aren’t totally aligned with us, we don’t think you should have access to as much innovation as we are. Why? Oh because then the Darwinian theory might be tested and word domination might switch to another belief system.

I really wish we would stop focusing on reasons why we want to keep killing each other and focus instead on how we can help each other. Maybe figure out why everyone wants these weapons of mass destruction and instead focus on supporting them through those issues?

We, and when I say we I mean the whole world, not just Americans, Europeans, Iranians etc. but EVERYONE would be much better served if the time we spent criticizing, assuming, and hating each other was spent listening, loving, and understanding each other. I’m going to go listen to John Lennon for a minute now and do some “IMAGINE”-ing before I start crying. I was really hoping wars would be done soon.

My wish is for all of us to think of ourselves as WORLD CITIZENS, and strangers as brothers and sisters we haven’t met yet.

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