Yay!! My Juicer Broke!!

OMG total score…today the juicer stopped working. Funny right? I had like five bunches of kale and chard ready to GO because I had too much to try and keep fresh! So I had that and I also cut up a few apples that were past their prime and then I pushed the on switch…..NOTHING. So I clicked it a few more times, and noticed when I did “reverse” it worked…but that would NOT make juice!! What was I going to do with all these cut up apples and all these greens???!! It would have been mad to try and eat it all in a smoothie with this blender I have…(yes I will soon get a Vitamix) and I so I went and submitted a support case with the juicer company to see what my options were…it’s an expensive juicer! I started getting ideas then….about freezing juice, feeding old people healthy stuff and so much more…I tried the juicer again and then BAM…er WHIRRR I mean…it turned on!!! So I juiced even more than I was planning to. Then I froze most of it into ice cubes (it would be easier to blend it this way I figured and less full of chunky bits). Then I called my dear friend who is a Chef specializing in healthy and wholesome diets that may or may not have specific restrictions and WHAT??? Yes…she actually picked the phone RIGHT up.

So then we talked for all of about, maybe ten minutes before my phone died…long enough to establish we had to get together asap to talk.

Voila…THANK YOU JUICER for not working (and yes, then working)…

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