Yesterday’s Feral Adventure Continued…

So, we left the house, in the car, baby in back, kitten in the cat carrier in front on our way to pick up Kenzie my 4yo daughter. If you missed yesterdays post this is a feral kitty, who came to us last night, and we decided to take it to a no-kill test/alter/release or adopt clinic after picking up our daughter so she could be a part of the process of saving kitty.

So we got to the school, I went in and had to stop and talk to the owner of the daycare for a little while. We are behind in payments and it’s getting to a breaking point, our only income is my unemployment and we don’t qualify for any assistance programs because we aren’t both ‘working’ when in reality, hubby and I are both working like CRAZY to make some money, there just isn’t any money yet, we’re also both applying to jobs like crazy but what is on the news is true in that it isn’t as easy as it once was to get a job. Verdict was that I promised to go try and apply for a DSHS Emergency Childcare Assistance and after that, if it was denied again we would try to file an exception with the city, as there is a special program for all pre-k students to keep them in school. It’s an odd loophole that we are in because we don’t have real jobs and so our work counts for nothing and these programs require working parents.

So I pick up my daughter and explain what we are doing, and then we all get in the car and drive on up to the clinic which is a great little place that seems like it is run 100% on love and donations so if you have any kind of soft spot for this kind of work please donate because they need it. Their site is: We brought kitty in, and the lovely lady there who has seen soo many cats come and go gave us her sad evaluation which is that the kitty seems to have the symptoms of distemper, and would likely not be living much longer. Fortunately K was having fun playing with the cats who were up for adoption and looking at the birds, lizard and other fun animals they had visible as well. I think she was hungry at this point as well because she didn’t seem too overly concerned.

We left the kitten with them, they will keep an eye on it and let us know if it survives/dies and hopefully it will live and if that is the case it will get fixed and vaccinated. We will keep or release the cat at this point depending on it’s temperament, they explained even letting it go will help reduce the feral cat population because the cats get territorial.

Also, we became pretty passionate about the cause, there are at least 2 other kittens in the litter this kitten came from and of course the mother cat as well. We are borrowing 2 traps from the center and will be trying to catch the other kittens to get them all taken care of. This is of course if they are still around, we have not seen them since we brought in yesterday’s kitty which is either because they too have distemper and aren’t moving much or hopefully just because it is raining and they have found some safe place to stay.

All in all it was an enlightening experience, I think it is very sad that the kitten will probably not make it but feel good that it will be somewhere safe and warm surrounded by loving people in it’s last hours if that is the case.

Kitty came to us when in pain, was crouched on our front porch and did not fight us much when being put into the kennel. We feel strongly this was for a reason of course because we are like that and we are grateful that we had the experience of helping this kitty, and of course we are hopeful we can help the other kitties as well.

I have joined in the movement called 29 Gifts recently and yesterday was day 2, I’m considering this rescue effort as my gift of the day yesterday, giving the kitten a chance of living and of sharing the concept of rescuing animals with my daughters, one of which will remember but the other one will just hear the stories.

Here are some pictures, the first is our cat Bello, who doesn’t seem to really know what is going on, and the following is the rest of us getting ready for our adventure.

I will follow up with any more Kitties or the Mom Cat if/as we get ahold of them…I’m hoping we’ll get a kitten that we can rescue and keep too! They did say that they are about 5-6 months old and probably domesticate-able still.

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